Annual winter spectacular impresses

Alex Konvalina, Social Media Editor

On Friday, Dec. 9, the 12th annual Winter Spectacular took place in the auditorium. It contained a variety of performances to Christmas classics by the dance technique classes, levels one through four, as well as performances by members of the Unleashed dance team.

“It’s a way to raise money and a fun way to show our friends and family what we can do,” sophomore and varsity dancer Bryanna Buker said.

This year’s winter spectacular was held to raise extra funds for a competition in Texas the Unleashed dance team is attending.

This year, there were a total of 21 performances, a combination of group dances, solos and duets. Jackson Heights Middle School was also featured twice during the night, as they performed two group dances.

Dancers started preparing for the showcase a few weeks before, but competition pieces started rehearsal in August. The opening and closing numbers required the most work because they involved the largest number of people. The opening number was performed by the varsity and JV dance teams and the closing was performed by dance technique levels one through four.

Most Unleashed team and dance technique dances were choreographed by head coach Diane Hasenbank, while other dances were competition pieces choreographed by the students.

Along with group dances, there were multiple solos and duets. Dancers such as senior Tatianna Ramos and junior Kayla Rodriguez performed solos, as well as participating in group dances with the Unleashed team.

A crowd favorite was “Kiss it Better,” performed by Alex Navarro and Allyson Stuart, as well as the varsity dance team’s final performance.