Chorus hires new director

After the sold out British Invasion concert last year, it looked like the chorus program was ending the year on a high note. However, when choir director Blair Bryant announced he was resigning, apprehension broke out. The chorus program needed a strong leader to keep it going, and one came in the form of Tori Rathbun.

With ten years of experience under her belt, the former Creekside Middle School teacher is fully prepared and excited for her new job. Getting to experience a new level of size, maturity and enthusiasm with high school students has made Rathbun’s transition easier. Rathbun envisions her choruses becoming family units. She plans to start holding family meetings and have praise buckets, which are boxes where students can write down affirmations about each other. The affirmations will be read aloud on a regular basis and should help ease some of the tension all choruses have.

“I want to bring a lot of enthusiasm,” said Rathbun. “I want us to be a family.”  Despite the big shoes left to fill from last year, Rathbun is excited about her new position and has high hopes for the future.