Senior Robby Boyer born to lead student section


photo by Robby Boyer

Senior Robby Boyer leading the class of 2017 during the Oviedo football game pep rally on Sept. 11 last year. The team went on to lose 28-21.

Justin Baronoff, Sports Editor

Ever since senior Robby Boyer watched 2014 graduate Drew Sullivan start the “rollercoaster” at pep rallies and lead the “I believe that we will win” chant at football games his freshman year, he knew that was exactly what he wanted to do when he was a senior.

Boyer, who played football his freshman year, was not able to continue playing the years after due to grades, so he decided to pursue leading the student section his sophomore year. However, after being eligible to play this upcoming fall, Boyer decided not to play in favor of fulfilling his dream of becoming student section leader.

“I’ve just been out of the loop of training, working out, and practicing for so long that I figured it wouldn’t be in my best interest to play,” Boyer said. “A lot of people are already counting on me as the leader, so I’m ready to lead the Tundra.”

Although Boyer will be the predominant leader of the student section this year, he does not see it that way. Alongside him will be “hype man” senior Jason Vasquez and the senior squad “Hunnalon.”

“It’s not one individual’s job to lead the entire section,” Boyer said. “I see [leading] as more of a senior class thing, but I expect every freshman, sophomore, junior and senior to come out every Friday night with me.”

Although the football team won their first district championship last season, many found the student section to be disappointing, even when the team was winning.

“Last season our student section seemed empty at some games,” quarterback Matt Lipari said. “We love to get as much support as we can and a loud crowd helps us more than everyone thinks.”

With Vasquez and Hunnalon, Boyer believes he can change the atmosphere at the football games, keeping the students entertained and involved.

“I noticed last season that a lot of students would leave the games early even when the team was on a winning streak,” Vasquez said. “We just need to be hyped up every game to make everyone want to come out.”

However, junior Oliver Hart thinks the outcome of the student section will be exactly the same as last year.

“I feel as the football season goes on, the seniors will lose interest and because the underclassmen look up to them as leaders, they won’t go either,” Hart said. “I know that [Boyer] is super committed to going each game, but without the entire senior leadership, the student section would be nothing.”

Another change Boyer wants to see to the student section this year is the level of respect toward other teams, as he has seen profanity used more often towards other schools than just having fun with them.

“Every once in a while I think it’s okay to make fun of the other teams, but you shouldn’t show up to the game with a profanity mindset,” Boyer said. “I just don’t think that should be the focal point of the Ziglar Zoo.”

While the student section has seemed to stick with the same chants in the past, such as the “Are you ready kids?” kickoff chant from the SpongeBob theme song of and the “Husky Rumble,” Hunnalon member and spirit stick keeper Cannon Ekern believes there could be some new chants this season.

“The original chants are always good, but we might develop some new ones along the way,” Ekern said. “I’m not a creative person, but we are one big HuskyFam, so hopefully some people will think of something unique.”

Even though the football team’s first regular season game will not be until Friday, Sept. 2, Boyer and the student section will still be in preparation, as they count down the days to kickoff.

“Our teams get excited when we get excited and they gain a lot of momentum from us,” Boyer said. “We can and will help them win games. We just have to be louder than the other sections, but we always are. We’re the best around, so let’s use it to our advantage.”