From riches to rags


photo by Prime Video

Released Sept. 3 on Amazon Prime, “Cinderella” features pop star Camila Cabello. As the newest attempt at a Disney remake, this one, like others, fails to be as good as the original.

Fairy tales are known for their magic, romance and happy endings. The “Cinderella” remake checks all the boxes, but it cannot and does not live up to the original. 

Released Sept. 3 on Amazon Prime, director Kay Cannon, known for directing and screenwriting “Pitch Perfect,” came out with the newest Disney remake. However, this attempt at recreating a Disney animated classic falls short of what original fans looked forward to in the film.

Other than the plot of this movie excluding features of the original, the basic events were there: making dresses, an evil stepmother and stepsisters, and going to the ball. 

“Cinderella” is funny, but only because it is so cringy. Some instances gave viewers second-hand embarrassment for the cast, such as falling in front of the person you are in love with, something people wish does not happen to them in their lifetime. 

Even though Cabello’s characteristics look nothing like Disney’s original animated Cinderella, her vocals throughout the movie made the audience forgive the directors. And for being a celebrity pop-star, Cabello did a pretty good job of acting even though she sang most of the time. Both Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine (Prince Robert) killed their vocals in their cover of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

Idina Menzel (stepmother), best known for her role as Elsa in “Frozen”, played her part well but not to the standards of the original stepmother. In this remake, the “evil” stepmother was not so evil. This sort of ruined the character many Disney originals shoot for: a horrible older woman who treats those around her terribly. 

The music selection throughout “Cinderella” included a mix of throwback songs like “Somebody to Love” by Queen and “Material Girl” by Madonna.

Amazon Prime pushed really hard to promote “Cinderella” with ads all over social media, especially TikTok. If you have opened TikTok in the past month, you have probably seen an ad for this movie several times, so you might have been on Cinderella overload before even seeing the movie.

The film definitely did not live up to viewers’ expectations and is a let down to Disney fans. Major stars who played a role in this movie were not even enough to make this movie better. The music selection in “Cinderella” was the only positive in this movie.