Determined to make a change


photo by IMDb

Famous for her comedy, Amy Poehler released her newest film “Moxie” on Mar. 3 on Netflix.


Amy Poehler, best known for her comedic roles in “Parks and Recreation” and “Saturday Night Live,” directed “Moxie,” released to Netflix on Mar. 3. “Moxie” follows teenager Vivian (Hadley Robinson) as she becomes friends with Lucy (Alycia Pascual-Pena), who pushes Vivian to open her eyes to the  racism and sexism aspects in her school. Inspired by both her mom and her friend, Vivian creates a pamphlet to expose different students at her high school for their wrong-doings. 

“Moxie” is full of strong female leads, an empowering change in Netflix films. The movie shows Vivian and Lucy as passionate; they are not afraid to step on toes and speak out about uncomfortable topics. This part of the film greatly reflected on the type of director Poehler is and the woman she is as well.  She was able to star in her own movie as a lead as well.

The movie used a variety of soundtracks to add more personality and character to “Moxie.” The soundtrack had many upbeat and fast moving tracks. 

Poehler used previous popular movies as inspiration for her film. The pamphlets Vivian created seemed a lot like the burn book from “Mean Girls.”

Nonetheless, “Moxie” was able to capture real aspects of high school that many films choose to exclude because of controversial and ‘touchy’ topics. The strong female spirit was perfectly captured with Vivian, and was a great new addition to Netflix.