Lizzo’s nature’s cereal was a glorified bowl of fruit with water. (photo by Charlotte Mansur)
Lizzo’s nature’s cereal was a glorified bowl of fruit with water.

photo by Charlotte Mansur

I tried TikTok food trends so you don’t have to


If the abundance of dance challenges and wannabe Viners were not enough, TikTok is the new home for both professional and amateur chefs to flaunt their culinary expertise. From mini-pancake cereal to whipped coffee, TikTok is a constant rotation of new food trends, but are these confections just for show, or do they actually taste good? I tested this month’s hottest food trends to see if they were worth the hype. Each recipe will be rated on a scale from one to ten, one being it has the consistency of a melted Barbie doll and ten being Gordan Ramsey worthy.

Feta pasta

Charlotte Mansur

With basic ingredients and little skill level required, it is no wonder the feta pasta has become the largest food trend since dalgona coffee. It has a dozen different varieties and when I went to get a block of Feta for myself, a Publix employee had to get me one from the back, because everyone was trying it. I thought it was a fun recipe, but never expected it to be as good as it was. 

Feta has always been known to be the controversial cheese used to top salads and soups, but here it becomes a creamy decadent pasta sauce. Mixed with acidic tomatoes and rich olive oil, this dish tastes like something that has been carefully crafted at a 5 star restaurant. It was easy to make and there was enough pasta for three dinners. I would give it a higher rating if I could get the tomatoes to break down like they do in the videos. 

Difficulty: Medium

Rating: 8/10

Is it worth a trip to the grocery: Yes! 

Baked oats

Charlotte Mansur

In between the super cheesy pasta and the steak wrapped in sheets of butter, diet TikTok has grown in popularity. Nutritionists and doctors have flocked to the site to spread their wisdom and warn you about trends to stay away from. With this, a number of healthy and satisfying recipes have made their way to For You pages everywhere. The baked oats recipe is a great example.

Made to look like a gooey baked chocolate chip cookie, these baked oats are made with only healthy ingredients like oats and bananas. I thought this recipe was too good to be true, and in a sense, it was. It tasted nothing like a chocolate chip cookie, but I still loved it. This is a quick banana bread recipe that you can make with fewer ingredients in under five minutes. I love it, and I have made it almost every day for breakfast since this video. 

Difficulty: Super Easy

Rating: 9/10 

Is it worth a trip to the grocery: Yes! 

Lizzo’s nature’s cereal

Charlotte Mansur

This recipe is so weird, but it was everywhere, so I knew I had to try it. Lizzo is known for spreading the word on good vegan food, and this is her latest recipe. Basically just a bowl of berries and coconut water, this recipe is meant to imitate the feeling of cereal without the added ingredients. Overall this recipe was fine, but I think that is more to the berry’s credit than the recipe. 

Difficulty: Easy

Rating: 4/10

Is it worth a trip to the grocery store: No 

Chickpea edible cookie dough

Charlotte Mansur

From the beginning, I knew this recipe was going to be a struggle. I did not understand how you would get the satisfaction of cookie dough with two teaspoons of maple syrup to sweeten it. It was really hard to make because before I even started the video, I had to individually peel the chickpea skins to make sure I did not have salty strands in my dough. In order to get the recipe even close to the consistency of dough, I had to add extra milk and peanut butter, and even after that it almost wrecked my blender because the mixture was so dry. Once I finally got the dough where I wanted it, It tasted like mushy chickpeas and chocolate. Do not waste your time with this recipe. 

Difficulty: Hard 

Rating: 0/10

Is it worth a trip to the grocery store: No


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