Letters to the Editor

What does your vote really mean? This election presents an active choice between capitalism and socialism, or more fairly, between your loud uncle and your local car salesman. Today I want to elaborate upon what each side will really do if put into the Oval Office.

Trump is like that uncle that never shuts his mouth. He’s loud, he is rude and oftentimes he violates every single scrap of etiquette expected at the family barbeque. But that uncle is the life of the party — sure he might drink and swear, but his stories are great and his morals are true. That uncle is the one that started his own business and became a millionaire, if only to retire with his old buddies and go fishing at some obscure harbor every Thursday night. My point is this: when you strip away the rough and tough demeanor of such a man,  you are left with a guy who actually knows what he is doing — a man who openly defies the stereotypes of success with his own character. On the outside, Trump is an openly offensive and obtrusive character, loud and boisterous to the extreme, but it is not the personality of a character that defines the direction of the country, it’s the policy. And when it comes to policy, Trump has performed outstandingly. Just like the uncle that speaks in sailor’s terms while discussing matters of the utmost importance with intimate knowledge, Trump speaks brashly about our country while enacting wonderful decisions. He has established solid relationships with countries like North Korea (a relationship former President Obama called the “most worrying” at the end of his terms), created peace in the tumultuous Middle East, created the strongest economy in the history of the world, and most importantly, resisted a top-down take over of our country during an unprecedented pandemic while taking massive strides to mitigate its effects.

Our uncle and chief Trump has done great things, despite his less than appealing demeanor. The same can not be said for Biden.

Biden is the perfect embodiment of a great used-car salesman. He’s quiet until he’s loud, he has some great (albeit trite) taglines, he’s got the look of sophistication and the experience and goodwill derived from age. Biden is smooth; you could walk in looking for a cheap minivan and walk out with a Porsche and an overdrawn bank account. He screams success, from the nice suit, to the perfectly combed hair or the aviator glasses. But just as the crazy uncle looks like failure but smells of success, the used car salesman provides a facade of success over the stench of defeat. Biden has spent 47 years in big government, dipping his fingers in all sorts of pies, reaching everywhere while accomplishing nothing. He talks eloquently, he speaks big game, he talks about the newest car, but all he has done is sway with his parties opinion to keep a feeble grip on power. His biggest sale was a crime bill in 1994, which he has since denounced in order to keep nice with his fellow car-selling Democrats. He has promised the world to his voters and continues to do so, despite the realization that his policies do not work. His promises will erase the oil industry, bankrupt small businesses through a high minimum wage, introduce a catastrophic public option into our private healthcare system and increase national debt exponentially through a new green deal. And he will sell it to American voters with a smile and a flourish like it’s a brand new Cadillac when it’s really a beater held together with Bondo. Remember — just because he sounds nice and looks pretty, it doesn’t mean he will do a good job or sell you a good product.

Voters have a choice before them — take the nice guy who will do bad things to you, or choose the unpolished guy who will do good. The choice is yours.

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