Dance puts on holiday show


Junior Marianna Perez performs a group dance piece at the showcase among her fellow varsity dancers.

On Dec. 13, all dance technical classes performed their annual winter showcase at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. After a nine week preparation period, all dancers who participated earned their final grade of the quarter courtesy of the director, Diane Hasenbank. 

 The showcase, as seen in past years, began with a jazz piece carried out by all classes. 

“It’s not an incredibly new concept but it was something that everyone put a lot of time and effort towards,” said junior Emma Suehle. 

Guest appearances by younger dancers from Penguin Entertainments and Lawton Chiles middle school joined the dancers on stage and then continued to perform their own segments while Hagerty dancers shifted into their next piece. 

After the jazz portion and a quick costume change, the dance classes moved directly toward performing their hip hop set. 

“[Hip hop] is by far my favorite portion,” said junior Natasha Nilsen. “It takes a lot of preparation and dedication but it is worth it when our showcase turns out successful.”

In addition to the dance classes, members of the varsity dance team also took part in the showcase.

Junior Skyler Deserafino, alongside other varsity members performed both group contemporary pieces as well as individual solo sets.