Juniors defeat seniors for first time in Powderpuff history


photo by Maggie Taylor

Junior Grace Truong runs the ball down the field in pursuit by a senior middle player. This play resulted in the juniors second touchdown.

Sprinting down the field,  all eyes on her, junior Ally Bortz made a risky interception with two minutes left in the last quarter, and then she assisted in the 75-yard winning touchdown by fellow junior Daryn Miller. The juniors who were down 17-15, beat the seniors 22-17 in an unexpected upset at Sam Momary Stadium on Oct. 2.

Junior Grace Cordero kicked off the junior momentum with an interception in the first quarter, followed by junior Olivia Lipari, who scored an 80-yard touchdown that shifted the second quarter score from 17-9 to 17-15.

“We did a very good job rushing the seniors’ offensive line,” said Bortz. “Grace Truong also did a great job as the quarterback and led us with some very successful offensive plays.”

With Siara Youngblood as the punter, the junior class was successful in all their kicks. In turn, quarterbacks Courtney Muglach, Lauren Tulp, Daryn Miller and Truong led the junior team on offense.

“We didn’t really expect to win, it’s kind of unheard of,” Truong said.

The seniors led the score the majority of the game. Quarterbacks Angel Villanueva and Grace Germer headed most offensive plays alongside Brianna Neris, a consistent middle player. 

“We were honestly surprised by the loss,” said senior cheerleader Chris Ballentine. ”Both the players and [the cheerleaders] worked really hard on our sets.”

Despite the two touchdowns from Villanueva and Germer, the seniors fell short by five points. 

“We almost had it,” said senior Ashley Sharma.